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Tailor Law is a law firm in Mississauga which provides legal services such as: civil litigation, corporate law, employment law, family law, and estate law. Our mission is to pursue the best outcome for our clients legal matter(s). We offer a free consultation for clients who are looking to retain legal counsel for their matter.

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Receive the trusted and expert support of our Mississauga lawyers. We work hard to serve the needs and best interests of our valued clients. Your next steps are critical and our lawyers are here to help. Get started with a free legal consultation!


Relived my stress

Dealing with my legal issue has been very disheartening. After meeting with Deepa Tailor, I feel as though I finally have someone working with me and that is easing my stress a great deal. It’s such a difference to feel as though I have been heard.

Jacquie – Oakville, ON

Trusted corporate lawyers

As a B2B small business owner, I needed a commercial lawyer who I could trust to identify the unknown legal needs of my corporation, improve clarity in my processes, and provide me with guidance on an ongoing basis. Thank you for your honesty and expert help.

Ryan – Mississauga, ON

Refreshing to see they care

Tailor Law works hard for their clients. I went to them for my estate matter and found their compassion and care so refreshing in contrast to other law firms I dealt with since the death of my husband. I would recommend Tailor Law to anyone & thank them for their diligence.

Jezzie – Mississuaga, ON

Why Tailor Law?


Lawyers You Can Trust

Tailor Law lawyers are on a mission to ensure you are satisfied with your service throughout your matter. Our lawyers will provide you with accurate information and advice so you can be confident in our word. We rely on the facts of the law and the court to build and execute your case.


Dedicated To Your Best Interests

We know the importance of relationship, understanding and providing excellence. At Tailor Law, we pride ourself in our quality of service and understand that your best interests are central to that reputation. Looking for a lawyer you can trust? Give us a call to book your a free consultation!


Legal Field Specialists

Our team of lawyers have the experience and know-how to provide you with up-to-date legal advice. More importantly, we are here to serve your best interests. The field of law is constantly changing, but our Mississauga law firm strives to keep current and ahead of your competition.


A Reputation For Success

Tailor Law prides itself on being known for quality of service and efficient matter closing. We have been featured in multiple online publications and rated one of the best law firms in Mississauga. Check us out to learn more about how we are successful and dedicated to the success of clients!


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  • When can you start a lawsuit for civil litigation?


Our team of lawyers will fight to enforce and protect your rights. Whether you choose to litigate or settle outside the of the courtroom, our lawyers are here to ensure that you reach the best possible outcome.


Beyond expertise, our law firm is committed to learning and understanding how your business operates so that we can provide efficient and cost-effective solutions.


We provide services in estate administration and litigation including filing for probate, distribution of assets, appointment of trustees, and more. We work hard to resolve your matters and provide closure once and for all.


Our firm has experience representing both employers and employees, this gives us a key advantage. Our employment lawyers can help you resolve various matters quickly: wrongful dismissal, harassment, consulting, etc.


We offer a full range of services including the preparation of wills, creation and administration of trusts, estate planning and litigation, as well as estate matters pertaining to incapacity and elder law.


We take the time to understand our client’s legal problem. Our law firm prides itself in our reputation for quality of service. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.


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